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Domain names are the words that are registered so that an Internet browser can locate your site. The domain name is typed into the URL window at the top of your browser and brings up the website associated with that name. If the website is well established or has been around for many years the domain name can be typed into a search engines window and be found that way. This can be a difficult way to find a web site if there are many similar sites already established.

The Economic Times has reported that there are more than 280 million domain names in use by the second quarter of 2014. More detailed information can be found by visiting the Wikipedia free encyclopaedia website.

You can purchase your own domain name but only if someone hasn’t beaten you to it. You could also buy your domain name through a web hosting provider and tag it onto the end of theirs.

Either way, to provide yourself with an identity on the web you will need to get yourself a Domain Name.